Unfuck Yourself

  • Introduction : Unfuck Yourself offers a slap from from the universe to wake you up to your true potential and get spectacularly into your life. Bestselling author and life coach Gary John Bishop shows you how to silence your inner critic and strive for something better.

  • About the Author : Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Gary moved to the US in 1997. This opened up his pathway to the world of personal development. After years of facilitating programs to thousands of people all over the world and later studying and being influenced by the philosophies of Martin Heidegger, Hans-Georg Gadamer and Edmund Husserl, Gary is producing his own brand of “urban philosophy”. His lifelong commitment to shifting people’s ability to exert real change in their lives drives him each and everyday. He has a no-frills, no-bullshit approach that has brought him an ever-increasing following, drawn to the simplicity and real-world use of his work.

  • Contents : This book is classified into nine chapters and comprises of 224 pages.

  • Chapter 1 titled “In the beginning” explains how this book can be used to churn your way out from the problems that you’re facing in life. The author suggest to use the ideas mentioned in this book as a starting point in life, whenever you are stuck or in need of a rejuvenation.

  • Chapter 2 titled “I am willing” describes the importance of assertions to resolve pretty much everything. Life will continue it’s flow, with or without your conscience, until you as an individual make a decision to comply with the present situation.

  • Chapter 3 titled “I am wired to win” provides the basic idea to create a game plan to win in every situation. To implant that idea of winning in your brain by redefining any situation into a game that you intend to play.

  • Chapter 4 titled “I got this” explains that every problem is resolvable. It doesn’t mean that you have the perfect solution, but when you look back at the past, you can clearly convince yourself the very fact that you can handle pretty much anything and everything.

  • Chapter 5 titled “I embrace the uncertainty” shows how you can completely change the way you live by seeing life as an adventure filled with endless opportunities.

  • Chapter 6 titled “I am not my thoughts; I am what I do” mention the importance of doing things, that action greases the wheel of life. Even if we fail, it will truly change who you are.

  • Chapter 7 titled “I am relentless” clearly states the fact that the only way out from your problems is moving forward. There is no giving up or quitting until the end, the basic rule of any game. You should always play to win.

  • Chapter 8 titled “I expect nothing and accept everything” asserts the very idea not to expect anyone’s help when you’re in trouble. Your life, success, happiness and pretty much everything is really in your own hands. It’s your responsibility to embrace the change and propel forward.

  • Chapter 9 titled “Where next?” tells you to make use of the above given seven assertions described in each chapter practically and seize every fucking moment of your life.

  • Conclusion : This book ultimately reveals the fact, that whatever your problems be, stop wasting your time waiting for that magical solution to happen, because it isn’t coming. The good news is, the only barrier preventing you from living a happier, more fulfilling life is YOU. All the solution lies in your own hands.

  • Dots Rating : 7/10



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