Transfer Money up to 100000 INR without adding beneficiary

  • Now let’s try to transfer money to another account..As mentioned earlier, you can transfer up to 100000 INR per day to any bank accounts without adding beneficiary..

  • Open the app using the six digit App PIN that you created..

  • From the home page, select the Pay option.

  • Three modes of Pay are available : VPA, IFSC and QR.

  • Mostly preferred method by public is IFSC, select IFSC.

  • Select the Beneficiary account number column, it will lead you to another screen.

  • In the Contact Banking Details, select the first line and provide the name of the person to whom you intend to transfer money.

  • Now in the second line, provide the account number of the above person.

  • And in the third line, provide the IFSC (preferably in CAPITAL letters) of the Bank in which the said person is having account.

  • Then select ADD TO CONTACT & USE, if you intend to carry out transactions to the same account in future(Next time, you won’t have to type again) or else you can select USE ONCE.

  • On clicking the suitable option, you will be taken back to the previous page, where you will have to enter the amount to be transferred.

  • Remarks columns are optional.

  • Now select the blue tick mark and you will be prompted to enter the six digit UPI PIN that you created earlier.

  • And Voila, Payment successful !

  • Similarly you can use the VPA mode, if you know the Virtual Payment Address of the other person and QR code can be opted, if you’re having the QR code of other person.

  • Procedures are almost similar in both modes and all you need is your six digit UPI PIN.

  • One Time Passwords(OTP) are not required for carrying out transactions.




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