Step by Step procedure to install BHIM SBI Pay

  • Go to Google Playstore or Apple Appstore, based on the phone that you’re using.

  • Search for BHIM SBI Pay and select the app.

  • Click on the Install button.

  • Once the app is installed, Open it and start the registration process. Before doing this, make sure that you’ve linked your mobile number with your bank account and also ensure that you’re having sufficient balance or SMS offer in your phone.

  • Now select the suitable SIM with the registered  mobile number. Once the mobile number is verified, you can start the registration process.

  • Registration process is classified into three simple steps: Personal detail, Account detail and Security & Recovery. 

  • On the first page of registration entitled Personal detail, your mobile number will be visible.

  • On the second line, you can type your name. Then select the blue arrow icon to proceed.

  • On the second page of registration entitled Account detail, Click on the Bank name option which will take you to the list of banks in which UPI facility is offered. Now select your Bank, For example, let’s just select State Bank of India.

  • Once your Bank is selected, your account number linked with your mobile number will be visible in the default account option.

  • On the Enter VPA column, you can create your custom VPA or you can use any of the VPA suggested by the app. VPA or Virtual Payment Address is a unique virtual id. For example, name or number or a combination of numbers and characters followed by @sbi that you can choose for yourself, like, yourname@sbi or yourmobilenumber@sbi.

  • Your account will be linked to a VPA. So, you can pay or receive money based on VPA instead of account number, which provides an alternative not to share your account number with a third person. Once this is done, click on the arrow icon to continue.

  • On the last page of registration entitled, Security & Recovery. You have to create a six digit App PIN of your choice which can be used for accessing the application in future.

  • On the first section, type your six digit App PIN.

  • On the second section, retype the same numbers.

  • On the third section, provide your email id or alternative number. Then please scroll the screen.

  • On the fourth section, click on the select a security question option, Out of the three given questions, select any one question of your choice and type the answer beneath the selection.

  • In future, if you forget the App PIN, you can recover it using the above security question and answer.

  • Once you accept the terms and conditions by selecting the blue tick, a message will appear stating your UPI registration is successful.

  • On selecting OK, a new screen will appear asking for PROMO code. In case, you’re having promo code, then enter it on this screen and select the Validate Promo option on the left or you can select Skip and Sign in option on the right.

  • You will be redirected to login page of the app, where you can provide your six digit App PIN and access the application.

  • Once you access the application, you should create a six digit UPI PIN which can be used for doing transactions.

  • Select the Set UPI PIN option in the home page.

  • In the new window, enter your bank’s debit card (ATM card) details. Select your card type, provide the last six digits of your card number and provide the expiry date or valid thru date in the respective columns. Then click the arrow icon.

  • Now enter the OTP that you received on registered mobile number, Mostly it will be automatically detected from the inbox.

  • For convenience and ease of memorizing, both App PIN and UPI PIN can be provided the same as well.

  • Now create a six digit UPI PIN of your choice for carrying out transactions in this app. Click the tick icon. Then retype the same UPI PIN to confirm and once again, select the tick icon.

  • Finally message will be displayed stating that UPI PIN is set to your account and we can start doing transactions.



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